V0.8.0 Release Announcement

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PiBox Development Platform / PiBox Media Server 0.8 Release Notes

Additional Information

General Status
The system boots cleanly and will properly mount/unmount SD cards with movies that it exports via Samba. The web interface provides a network configuration utility and a streaming web cam that uses mjpeg to easily pass through firewalls. Audio support is integrated. Most work to this point has focused on stabilizing the platform with respect to a reasonable kernel/rootfs and wifi support.

Where this is headed
The PiBox Media Server is now 1.0 is planned to support the TI Sensor Tag displayed in the web interface and on an attached 2.8" touch screen display. It will stream movies over Samba from USB-mounted flash sticks. It may be add analog line support for managing heating/cooling in my travel trailer. I have to find out what replacing the current control will entail. I would like to integrate BLE support of Arduino-based control for the window blinds as well.

Additional work is planned on improving boot times and integrating XBMC (or similar) package for the PiBox Media Player.

0.8 Development Summary:
  • Migrated to Crosstool-NG 1.19.0 w/gcc4.7
  • Migrated to Linux Kernel 3.10.y (3.10.31+
  • Migrated to Buildroot 2013.11
  • Dropped WebKit and associated browsers (unstable)
  • Re-enabled Network Settings in web server for external browser access
  • Completed Network Settings Access Point configuration in web server
  • Improved USB device driver loading
  • Added minimal static Busybox rootfs build to test xcc/kernel rev's.
  • Added compiled RaspberryPi Userland tools to rootfs
  • Fixed X restart that was sometimes locking up with newer kernels
  • Rev'd xorg fbdev driver to 0.4.4.
  • Added fbturbo xorg driver (hardware accelerated X for RPi) but have not made it default yet.
  • Added some USB Wifi dongle support, but noted rt2800usb is probably broken
  • Improved and sped up SD card creation process
0.9 Plans
  • Implement authentication for web interface
  • Port RTL8188CUS driver to PiBox
  • Add kernel/userspace support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Clean up default boot processing, including initial network config
  • Integrate 2.8" TFT LCD touchscreen
Development Status:
  • Total issues: 148
  • Closed/Resolved: 115
  • In Progress: 9
  • New since last release: 29
  • Closed/Resolved since last release: 30

Repository: mjpg
RM #293: Bump to 0.8.0
RM #277: Add Changelog removal to clobber target.

Repository: monkey
RM #293: Bump to 0.8.0.
RM #277: Add Changelog removal to clobber target.

Repository: piboxd
RM #293: Bump to 0.8.0.

Repository: piboxwww
RM #266: Move php setMode() call from javascript saveIt() to setNetMode() to fix switching between wifi client and access point configuraiton.
RM #284: Enable Settings page for external browsers.
RM #293: Bump to 0.8.0.
RM #277: Add Changelog removal to clobber target.

Repository: psp
RM #293: Bump to 0.8.0.
General: Cleanup build to remove unused Make variables and target dependencies.
RM #268: Cleaned up the MIOT logo. Added a specs file describing layout in XCF file. Updated README to reference "miot" prefix instead of "logo" prefix.
RM #267: Commented out creation of debug file.

Repository: rpi
RM #292: Remove unused sed replacement in busybox build when copying over saved config to build tree. RM #292: Replace hard coded path with tag in default saved configuration for busybox. RM #292: Replace hard coded path with tag in minimal saved configuration for busybox.
General: Bump to 1.19.0.
General: bump version to 0.8.0.
General: Code cleanup - tabs to spaces.
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
RM #288: Rev xorg fbdev driver to 0.4.4.
RM #291: Changed local kernel config name so it doesn't include git id. RM #287: Disabled NFS in the kernel and rootfs. RM #231: Disabled all unused filesystems.
RM #291: Change KERNEL_CFG to KERNEL_SAVECFG so its a little more obvious what the variable is being used for.
RM #291: Make saveconfig use KERNEL_CFG as the saved file name.
RM #291: Remove GIT ID from KERNEL_CFG, which is the name of the config file saved in our tree.
RM #288: Changed S90UI to killall -1 X instead of killall xinit and place a 1 second delay before restarting. This seems to alleviate the problem most of the time.
RM #289: Add notes about 8188CUS-based wifi dongles.
RM #286: Remove web submenu from default blackbox configuration.
RM #278: Note problems in usbhandler.conf with rt2800usb driver in 3.6+ kernels.
General: Fix rpifw to pull from the specified version but then checkout the specified git ID.
RM #172: Make Crosstool-NG v1.19.0 the default.
RM #286: Disabled surf, midori and webkit. RM #287: Disabled portmap.
RM #172: For ctng 1.19.0 - Bump kernel to 3.10.2, Bump GCC to 4.7.3 (non-Linaro).
General: Don't mount /proc/bus/usb with 3.10.y kernel and remove unused X startup in inittab.
General: Update to discuss use of minimal Busybox build.
RM #282: Updated Busybox build to allow building a minimal rootfs that will boot to a shell prompt. This is only useful for testing new toolchains since a full rootfs can take hours to complete while this rootfs takes about 90 seconds. The resulting rootfs.ext3 will replace the one in the package directory when busybox-pkg is run so you need to be careful to save off your previous Buildroot-generated rootfs is you need to save it.
RM #282: Add -ext3 target and ability to make Busybox the rootfs for testing.
RM #282: Allow specifying an alternate configuration other than the default used by Buildroot.
General: Add RealTek rtl8192cu support.
General: Make sure kernel firmware repo gets a pull on each build to pick up new firmware.
General: change unavailable groups (video, rfkill) to root.
RM #279: Switched git archive repo to use KSRC name instead of creating a new archive for each branch.
RM #279: Add KSRC to top level showconfig target.
RM #278: Allow setting kernel branch/commit id on command line with KB.
RM #277: Enable XBMC and tinyxml so crtmpserver will compile.
RM #273: Make default kernel repo branch 3.10.y, using the 3.10.31 revision. This works with changes to the rootfs to load usb drivers.
RM #273: Add init script to load USB drivers on boot. Turn off debugging by default in
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
RM #273: Add missing helper scripts. Only copy over mdev.conf if one doesn't already exist. Added to tree.
RM #176: Rev'ed kernel configuration for latest 3.10.y tree. Fixed bug in kernel-git.cfg to KV works correctly. Merged mdev.conf with nldev.conf.
RM #273: Added nldev to package for Buildroot 2013.11.
RM #214: Added RPi Userland tools to rootfs.
RM #272: Port fbturbo driver to 2013.11 release.
RM #271: Better use of blkid to find file system type. Fixes use with /dev/sda1 (inserted usb stick).
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
RM #235: Add blkid with filesystem type support.
RM #271: Fixed blockhandler to work with Busybox 1.21.1 and Buildroot 2013.11. Change the way blkid is used because it's now Busybox's version instead of Buildroot's (which went away). Add special handling for mmc card when testing for "removable" fails.
Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Merging Busybox 1.21.1 bump to Buildroot build.
RM #219: Removed references to uClibc from xcc build.
RM #270: Fixed mke2fs to use -F option to prevent prompting user.
RM #235, RM #269: Bump Busybox to 1.21.1, with mktemp added.
RM #235: Bump Busybox to 1.21.1 in Buildroot 2013.11
RM #235: Bump Buildroot to 2013.11 as the default build.
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
RM #265: Fix make target to generate rootfs.ext3 file instead of ramdisk.ext3 so it matches
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
RM #235: Add support for building Buildroot 2013.11. This is not the default yet, however.
RM #243: Updated S00dev to recreate /var/lib (including missing alsa directory) on firstboot. This gets rid of the missing v4recovery directory message
RM #256: Change regex to for mountable devices to help with mounting system SD card on boot.
RM #242: Add missing group lp to remove extraneous error on boot from dbus.
RM #256: Updated to mount 1st sd card partition on boot.
RM #265: Switch to using rootfs.ext3 and dd to write to SD card during install.
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
RM #128: Added hardware accelerated driver to build. Driver is not stable so it's not being used yet.
RM #176: Add support for 3.10.y kernel tree. This is not the default yet, but it does boot. It needs to be tested with the rest of the rootfs and opkgs to make sure it has the right default kernel config.

Repository: rtmp
RM #293: Bump to 0.8.0.
General: Cleanup Changelogs on clobber.