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  • APC

    BeagleBox for the APC.

  • BeagleBox
    BeagleBox is a metabuild for generating a core platform for OMAP3/4 based hardware such as the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard. It provides the following components:
    1. Cross Toolchain which can be installed using an RPM.
    2. Bootloader based on Das U-Boot
    3. Linux Kernel and drivers...
  • BUI

    BUI is the windowing environment for BeagleBox that is originally based on a stripped down version of Matchbox. It is a separate project from BeagleBox that can be built outside of the BeagleBox build. BeagleBox simply pulls the latest version of BUI from the SourceForge releases....

  • cdtools

    Utility scripts for navigating source Graphics Muse source trees.

  • PiBox

    An Embedded Distribution for the Raspberry Pi.

    PiBox provides a build system based on Crosstool-NG, Buildroot/Busybox, the Linux kernel, Rasperry Pi firmware and installation tools to create a base system that can be installed to an SD card to boot a Raspberry Pi. The base system serves as a foundation on which opkg based extensions can be installed....

    • appmgr

      Application manager that handles starting and stopping applications based on input from the launcher.

    • crtmpserver

      A build system to generate crtmpserver as an opkg for use with PiBox.

    • Iron Man

      A Home Automation layer over the PiBox Development Platform. This project will add sensor support (eg: door/window open), environment reporting, alarm notifications and so forth to the PiBox core along with delivering IoT code and hardware for devices registering with and reporting to the IronMan monitor (re: a PiBox server with added IronMan packages)....

      • Jarvis

        Jarvis is an IoT butler. Okay, so it’s just an interface to a voice input, translated through the Google Speech API to feed a command processing engine. The idea is this:

        You say: “Jarvis, open the blinds”.
        Jarvis hears this, translates it to text, parses an “open” action and a “blinds” target and sends a message to an IoT device that opens the blinds....

      • Management

        Remote management tools, such as Android apps, that interface to the monitor.

      • Monitor

        The control point (re: server node) for home automation, where the user interacts with the system in the home.

      • Sensors

        IoT devices associated with and reporting to the monitor.

    • launcher

      Application launcher. This reads in application configuration files and provides the UI for the user to select an application. The selected application is then passed to the appmgr for managing the running apps.

    • lcdshow

      Repackaging of the LCDShow repo for PiBox.

    • libpibox

      A low level communications and convenience library for PiBox apps.

    • metabuild

      Metabuild is used to generate all the opkgs associated with PiBox system releases.

    • mjpg-streamer

      Wrapper build for mjpg-streamer to generate opkg.

    • monkey

      Cross compile build and opkg packaging for Monkey light-weight web server.

    • MusicFE

      Music carousel and player. Like videofe, but for music and uses a CD-carousel style interface.

    • omxplayer

      A PiBox specific build system for the reference video player for the Raspberry Pi.

    • PiBoid

      PiBoid is a network-connected remote control app that runs on Android devices.

    • PiBox Hardware

      Projects related to building hardware specifically for use with the PiBox platform.

    • pibox-network-config

      Simple network configuration utility based on C/GTK+, /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf for Busybox/Buildroot based embedded systems. Designed specifically for use with BUI, the BeagleBox UI, though it could easily be modified to work with other embedded systems. Does not have any dependencies on external libraries other than GTK+/GLib and pthreads. It's only purpose is to edit configuration files....

    • piboxd

      PiBox daemon, which accepts commands from UIs and runs them, such as managing the webcam.

    • piboxui

      The UI for PiBox Media Server and Media Player, mostly based around themes for Matchbox.

    • piboxwww

      Web server content for PiBox Media Server

    • picam

      Console display of web camera.

    • piclock

      Date/time app for PiBox Media systems

    • pidock

      Docker package for PiBox.

    • PiEnv

      Environment Sensors for PiBox and Ironman.

    • pinet

      Front end app that runs Ironman imwww to allow wifi configuration via an AP on the Pi. Also sets up one time pw for AP and shows it on the apps display. Shuts down AP and imwww on exit.

    • pipics

      Gallery display of images files, but not videos.

    • PiPod

      Music player based on PiGrrl.

    • pisentrycfg

      Configuration app for PiSentry systems.

    • Pistore

      Storage manager for PiBox systems.

    • pixm

      XM Radio app that works with an XMPCR.

    • pmsui

      Media Player modifications to Media Server UI.

    • psplash

      opkg that provides a splash image and progress indicator on boot.

    • VideoFE

      A front end to video playback on a PiBox Media Player that utilizes the databases created with VideoLib.

    • VideoLib

      VideoLib is a Java-based tool for building a local database of video files based on content from This allows the database to be used by video players under PiBox, which is used in situations (such as camping in an RV) where an internet connection is not available. The intent is to run VideoLib to build a database on an USB flash stick that contains movies to be used with PiBox's Media Server....

    • Xeon

      A PiBox phone based on RK3399 PinePhone Pro.

  • xbmcbox

    Build system for XBMC suited to the various *Box builds.

  • XNotesNG

    XNotesNG, the successor to XNotesPlus, is a full-featured personal information manager. It includes an Todo Manager, Calendar Manager, and an extensive notes system, with features such as email, searching text, printing, alarms, date and calendar inserts, and categorization by colored projects. ...

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