Current Status

Added by Hammel over 11 years ago

  1. Cross toolchain build works and generates a working toolchain.
  2. Bootloader build generates a working second stage bootloader. The MLO from the original BeagleBoard software distribution is still used in BeagleBox.
  3. Linux kernel build works and boots the board.
  4. Root file system build works and can bring up a neon-enabled display.
  5. SGX build works and generates OpenGLES samples that work correctly.
  6. DSP build works but running Big Buck Bunny sample video locks up a C4 board.

This work is complete for BeagleBox 1.0, but wiki and issue tracker cleanup is in progress before moving on to XBMC integration.

BeagleBox 1.0

Added by Hammel over 11 years ago

BeagleBox 1.0 is essentially ready, but I need to clean up the bug db and the web site first.

1.0 will support SGX and DSP, though the DSP isn't working ideally on a C4. I don't have an XM so I can't try it on that board. Also, I want to skip over the BUI idea and move straight to getting XBMC working on this build.

This announcement just moves the status information from the wiki to the issue tracker. The official announcement of 0.4.0 will come after a release package is finalized and pushed to an offsite publicly available archive.

BeagleBox is alive and well

Added by Hammel over 12 years ago

BeagleBox was put on hold for the past year in order for the lead developer, Michael J. Hammel, to complete work on other projects (primarily, a 2nd edition of his last book). But that work is completed, so now its time to reboot BeagleBox.

BeagleBox has been updated to use the latest mainline kernel and bootloader along with updated root file system and cross toolchain. After a few bumps in the process, the build is now back to booting to logins on the serial console and DVI-D output. also works though it is not yet enabled in the boot process (but coming soon).

Joining the project this year is Dominic Reynolds. Dominic will be working on adding support for PandaBoard.

BeagleBox also has a slightly different goal with this reboot: to provide a core platform on which application-target projects can be built. More on this will be coming with updates to the project wiki and issue tracker.

The new issue tracker

Added by Hammel over 12 years ago

The Graphics Muse issue tracker has been migrated to Redmine. Flyspray served me well, but it's no longer actively maintained and Redmine offers lots of modern features.

Now its time to get back to BeagleBox.


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