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Hammel, 20 Sep 2022 14:44


Subsystem Feature Test Expected Result
Display: Desktop Boot to UI Init process should recognize standard HDMI monitor
Display: 7" Touchscreen Boot to UI Init process should recognize standard Raspberry Pi LCD touchscreen
UI X org Boot to UI Two terminals should be displayed
Shell Command History Up/Down arrow should iterate past commands
Utilities HW ID Examine /etc/pibox-config, /etc/pibox-version HW has been properly identified
Input Keyboard FAVI keyboard keys Standard alphanumeric and arrow key support should function
Mouse FAVI keyboard touchpad Mouse movement and taps function
Touchscreen RPi official touchscreen Mouse movement and taps function
Net Config UI Verify UI Is available and starts
Interface Static IP /etc/network/interfaces is properly updated; networking restarts correctly
DHCP /etc/network/interfaces is properly updated; networking restart correctly
Access Point Pi accepts WiFi connections
Scanner Visual display of local WiFi signals Graphs are drawn with associated text

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