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Make 2.0 release: Harkonnen

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05 - Releases
Target version:
Start date:
14 Apr 2022
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Estimated time:
04 - Low


Once all the scheduled 2.0 issues are closed I can make a 2.0 release.
See RM #691, RM #538, RM #427 and RM #348 for examples of making the release.
Ironman will not be released with Harkonnen.

The Dev Platform and all System package collections (RM #894) must be archived and compressed (RM #782).

Steps to release

  1. Tag all repos
    1. Add dry-run option to tagging to show what would happen for each repo without doing it, to make sure this still works.
  2. Generate compressed release images (dd from installed SD card)
    1. Dev platform + System package collections
    2. rpi1 & rpi2 (see matrix)
    3. Naming convention: pibox-rpi<hw>[rpi<hw>...]-<system>.img, as in pibox-rpibplus-devplatform.img or pibox-rpi2rpi3-media.img
    4. Don't include source or staging archives anymore!
  3. Push release images to download site
  4. Push download archives (archives downloaded by xcc, buildroot, etc. as part of build process) to download site
  5. Update directory listing on upload site
  6. Update wiki
    1. Reference install.txt
  7. Update
    1. New Layout
      1. Dev Platform
      2. Systems
    2. New Videos
      1. One for each System
    3. New Blog Entries
      1. One for each system
      2. One for each app
    4. Blog Post on 2.0 release
  8. Generate changelog: in metabuild
  9. Write up announcement
    1. add it to News (as in this example)
    2. Announce to RPi Forums
    3. Announce to
    4. Post to
      1. LinkedIn-: Raspberry Pi and Embedded Linux groups
      2. User groups: blug, clue, pplug, CS Open Source Meetup
  10. Reassign severity/priority of pre-2.0 issues.
    1. Move issues to 2.1, 2.2 or 3.0
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Harkonnen release is on hold as testing is showing many bugs with media system on both RPi2 and RPi3.


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