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PiBox is a platform for development of purpose-built consumer devices. There are a number of platforms that can be built with PiBox.

  1. The development platform
  2. A Media Platform
  3. Kiosks
  4. Auto-kiosks
  5. Ironman Home Automation (discussed on a separate wiki)
  6. Xeon Phone (discussed on a separate wiki)
PiBox is based on the following software and build technologies.
  1. Linux
  2. Crosstool-NG
  3. Buildroot / Busybox

PiBox is targeted for Raspberry Pis. However, the build system is easily customizable to other hardware platforms. It has been used to build board support packages for Arm, Intel, PowerPC and MIPS hardware systems.


PiBox Development Platform v1.1 is in late stage development, in preparation for release. This will include all apps for the Media Platform and kiosks. Ironman will be releases separately.

  • Media Platform is working on RPi2 and 3 devices. Support for RPi1 devices has been dropped due to poor USB performance with networking dongles.
  • Kiosks (aka picture frames, if you use a small HDMI touchscreen display) are working on RPi2 and RPi3.
  • Auto-kiosk works - omxplayer will cycle through a playlist managed by VideoFE. This is also targeted at RPi2 and RPi3 but should probably work on Pi Zero as well.
  • Ironman prototype works. The prototype is an Arduino "light switch" managed by a central Ironman host using a simply touchscreen interface or a voice-controlled Jarvis interface. However, this is still very early in development.
  • Xeon phone is in development for use with Pi Zero W. The prototype hardware was not constructed very well and is hampering software development and testing.


Design and Implementation

  • Repos - Description of PiBox related repositories
  • TestPlans - Test Plans

Planning and Reference

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