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PiBox is a platform for development of purpose-built consumer devices. There are a number of platforms that can be built with PiBox.

  1. The development platform
  2. A Media Platform
  3. Kiosks
  4. Auto-kiosks

Additonally the Ironman home automation system and Xeon phone are being developed on top of the PiBox development platform.

PiBox is based on the following software and build technologies.
  1. Linux
  2. Crosstool-NG
  3. Buildroot / Busybox

PiBox is targeted for Raspberry Pis. However, the build system is easily customizable to other hardware platforms. It has been used to build board support packages for Arm, Intel, PowerPC and MIPS hardware systems.


  • Media Platform is working on RPi2 and 3 devices. Support for RPi1 devices has been dropped due to poor USB performance with networking dongles.
  • Kiosks are working but could always use improvement.
  • Auto-kiosk works but playback via omxplayer doesn't support playlists so the projector drops HDMI output while omxplayer is cycled.
At the same time work will begin on additional sensors:
  • Door/window sensor
  • Window blinds sensor


Design and Implementation

  • Repos - Description of Ironman repositories

Planning and Reference

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