Subsystem Feature Test Expected Result
Opkg Install Automated installation of opkgs Packages should be installed automatically at boot and system rebooted after
Splash Sequential update at boot Status bar moves continuously right during boot, reaching end before the screen clears
Network Wired Eth gets DHCP Plugging in network cable puts device on local network
LCD Touch Interface Application start Application should start
Application exit (coord box 3) Display should return to launcher
UI Matchbox App overlays launcher Only one app should be visible at any one time
Launcher Icons x rows by y columns icons Icon matrix visible
Splash Displays large icon per app Splash image matches app
Date/time Banner area shows date/time
Navigation Use kb arrows to nav app selection Active app icon should be highlighted and splash image changed
App Manager Start app via launcher Any app selected via the launcher should start and close using appropriate close method (keyboard or touchscreen)
PiStore Usage Display
Mount Points
PiNet Touch Interface Exit Network should be restarted and app exits
LCD animation miot symbol should rotate back and forth; usage info should remain during animation
Web Config Set wifi client config Configured client settings should allow wifi access to local network

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