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Hammel, 14 Apr 2022 14:16


Subsystem Feature Test Expected Result
Splash Sequential update during boot The status bar should move continuously to the right during boot, eventually reaching the end before the screen clears
UI Matchbox Launcher displays, overlaid by selected app Only one app should be visible at any one time
Laucher x rows by y columns
App Manager Start app via launcher Any app selected via the launcher should start and close using appropriate close method (keyboard or touchscreen)
VideoFE Selection Arrow keys Move sequentially up and down video titles list
Search Slash key + ENTER allows searching videos
Playback Start video Video playback should begin
FF Video should jump ahead 10 sec.
Rewind Video should jup back 10 sec.
Exit Video should exit and video list redisplayed
PiPics Navigation, keyboard FF
Navigation, touchscreen FF

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