Release 1.0 Announcement

Added by Hammel over 11 years ago

bui-network-config has a simple use case: Provide simple network configuration for a home user who likely uses WPA 2 Personal security on a single wireless router or is connected through a wired connection to a single router. To support this, bui-network-config simply edits configuration files used at start up for PiBox and BeagleBox using a graphical interface based on GTK+. It does not depend on dbus or other external libraries since it simply edits network configuration files used by Busybox/Buildroot to start up a network on an embedded platform. It doesn't get any simpler than this for network configuration. The drawback: if you have a complex network configuration or you need to jump easily or automatically between network connections then this is not the tool for you.

This release provides the following features:
  1. Edit /etc/network/interfaces (network interfaces) via UI
  2. Edit /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf (wireless configuration) via UI
  3. Edit /etc/resolv.conf (nameserver configuration) via UI
  4. Manual edit of interfaces file.
  5. Manual edit of wpa_supplicant.conf file.
  6. Allow saving to alternate file names.
  7. Context sensitive save operations
  8. Restart network option (File->Restart) calls /etc/init.d/S40network
  9. No external requirements other than GTK+
    1. No dbus requirement
    2. No NetworkManager overhead
    3. Easier to build and use than connman
  10. Debug option (-t) allows use of debug data files and saving to .bak files for analysis.
  1. Wireless configuration using the UI assumes (these can be overridden using manual edit)
    1. Key Management is hard coded to WPA-PSK
    2. Pairwise and Group configuration options are hard coded to TKIP
    • IP address validation checking is not performed.

    Also available in: Atom