Testing #893

Updated by Hammel over 1 year ago

Feature development is essentially complete for the PiBox 2.0 - Harkonnen release.    However, full integration tests need to be run to validate existing functionality passes regression and new features are at least stable, if not bug free. 

 The following systems need to be fully tested.    A test plan need to be written for each one.    Separate issues will be written for each testplan and test status will be tracked here.    *_Regression_* testing implies previous functionality is still working.    *_Feature_* testing validates new components.    New systems will have no regression tests and existing systems may not have new functionality.    *_Platforms_* represent the devices on which the system was tested. 

 |\4=.**Test Suite** |\6=.**Platforms** | 
 |_.System|_.Test Plan|_.Regression Status|_.Feature Status|_.RPi 1 |_.RPi 2 |_.RPi 3 |_.Zero (G1) |_.Zero W |_.Desktop | 
 | Dev Platform | [[DevPlatform]]    |    |    |{background-color:#cfc}.Pass |    |{background-color:#cfc}.Pass    |{background-color:#cfc}.Pass |    |{background-color:#cfc}.Pass (1)    |{background-color:#fcc}.Fail (1) |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    | 
 | Media System | [[MediaSystem]]     |    |    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |    |    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    | 
 | Media Player | [[Media_Player]]    |    |    |    |    |    |{background-color:#fcc}.Fail (2)    |{background-color:#fcc}.Fail (1)    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    | 
 | Kiosk | [[Kiosk]]    |    |    |    |    |    |{background-color:#fcc}.Fail (2)    |{background-color:#fcc}.Fail (1)    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    | 
 | Auto Kiosk | [[Auto_Kiosk]]    |    |    |    |    |    |{background-color:#fcc}.Fail (2) |{background-color:#fcc}.Fail (1)    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    | 
 | PiSentry | [[PiSentry]]    |    |    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |    |    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    | 
 | PiStore | [[PiStore]]    |    |    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |    |    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    | 
 | Desktop (VideoLib) | [[VideoLib]]    |    |    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |{background-color:#ccc}.n/a    |    | 

 h3. General Notes 

 * This is the first full test suite run on system builds, as system builds are new to this release.    This means there really isn't any regression testing and all tests are new feature testing. 
 * These tests are being run in September 2022.    Supply chain issues make "acquisition of new boards": nearly impossible unless you get on a wait list.    Replacing dead boards won't happen for awhile, I think. 
 * Only WiFi networking is tested.    Ethernet support is not a supported component of any PiBox system build.  
 * G1: The Zero is fairly useless for PiBox without a WiFI dongle, which tend to pull too much power from that board. 

 h3{background-color:#fcc;}. Notes on Failed Tests 

 # Zero W: flashes slowly on HDMI. Removing WiFi and keyboard/mouse dongles does not fix problem.    Possibly bad board.    Unit cannot be tested further. 
 # Zero: WiFi dongle not stable.    Unit cannot be tested further. 

 h3{background-color:#cfc;}. Notes on Passed Tests 

 # Caveats listed in comment #note-8.