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Switch UI to something like Plex

Added by Hammel almost 8 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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17 Apr 2016
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The video posters can be shown in a "list" and scrolled through with arrow keys. Jumping to video titles by the first letter.

This implies grabbing more data to store in the video db.

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Updated by Hammel over 7 years ago

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Found out how to start with this:
  1. Node.js - web server component
  2. nwjs - UI component
  3. jQuery flipster - The actual UI, which may be usable without either Node.js or nwjs
    1. Creating Your First Desktop App With HTML, JS and Node-WebKit

With jQuery Flipster I could control the UI from the console (via surf to local server) or via mobile device, replacing both app launcher and videofe. Most importantly, only requires that surf can be built with webkit so javascript can run OR I get Node.js/nwjs working on PiBox. As an alternative, I could simply keep app launcher/videofe for the console and add jQuery Flipster to the existing web interface so it can be controlled via a mobile device with a better UI.

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Updated by Hammel almost 4 years ago

This will NOT be done in nodejs, despite how "easy" it might seem to implement. I'd rather stick to GTK/Cairo, perhaps building a library for display functions like this.

The UI should look like Plex's where you show all video images to start, sorted alphabetically. Then allow sorting by Genre or some other field in the db. I also need a search function that can be navigated to or easily "popped up". Perhaps just typing will cause a filtering of the display.

For movies we show by movie title. For TV shows we show by show title only (not by episode). Once the show is selected then we show episodes by title, either in a list (easier to read on a small screen) or with screen caps of the episode (use ffmpeg to grab and cache those).

In any case I'll probably need a sorted list of titles that points back to the real db.

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  • Blocks Testing #1000: Validate VideoFE against a large database. added
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