Action Item #691

Make 1.1 release

Added by Hammel over 1 year ago. Updated 25 days ago.

Status:In ProgressStart date:25 Feb 2019
Priority:UrgentDue date:
Assignee:Hammel% Done:


Category:05 - Releases
Target version:1.1.0 - Upgrades
Severity:05 - Very Low


Once all the scheduled 1.1 issues are closed I can make a 1.1 binary release.

See RM #538, RM #427 and RM #348 for examples of making the release.

I will need to update the metabuilds to generate releases for all projects:
  1. PiBox Development
  2. PiBox Media
  3. Kiosk
  4. Autokiosk

Ironman release is tracked by RM #735 (or whatever that eventually points to).

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Associated revisions

Revision b735fa03
Added by Hammel 3 months ago

RM #691: Update list of repos for versioning and tagging. Update help text on to remind me of what -v and -t are for.

Revision 9c0f788c
Added by Hammel 2 months ago

RM #691: Fix repolist processing to match exact project names. Fix misnamed Moved pnc to pibox-network-config.

Revision 4dc01fb5
Added by Hammel about 1 month ago

RM #691: Bump icu to 60-3 and change format of URL to match upstream.

Revision c57bdc4a
Added by Hammel about 1 month ago

RM #691: Fix icu patch to not include the version in the url.

Revision 66e1f9ee
Added by Hammel about 1 month ago

RM #691: Allow rebuild of pibox src and xcc rpm files without creating duplicates.

Revision 888cb817
Added by Hammel about 1 month ago

RM #691: Bump bind to latest as per Buildroot latest.

Revision d4a47e93
Added by Hammel 16 days ago

RM #691: Clean up builds for all possible repos prior to v1.1 tagging.

Revision f13e1b37
Added by Hammel 8 days ago

RM #691: Minor update to help text for


#1 Updated by Hammel 5 months ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#2 Updated by Hammel 4 months ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress
  • % Done changed from 0 to 10

Starting builds of rpi1 and rpi2 in their respective screen sessions. These will be the development platform releases.

Metabuilds for kiosk and autokiosk are already in place. I want the following matrix.

HW System
RPi 1 Dev Platform
RPi 1 Kiosk
RPi 1 AutoKiosk
RPi 1 Media
RPi 2 Dev Platform
RPi 2 Kiosk
RPi 2 AutoKiosk
RPi 2 Media

Ironman will be released separately.

#3 Updated by Hammel 4 months ago

Dev platform builds failed because nettle website is down. There is an alternate website at which I should probably use instead since it's less likely to go down.

#4 Updated by Hammel 4 months ago

Nettle's website is back this morning. Continuing the two builds.

#5 Updated by Hammel 4 months ago

All builds are complete. Now they all need to be tested (1). Here is the matrix again.

HW System Build Tested on Status
RPi 1 Dev Platform Completed RPi B, RPi B+ Passed, Passed
RPi 1 Kiosk Completed RPi B, RPi B+ Passed, Passed
RPi 1 AutoKiosk Completed RPi B, RPi B+ Passed, Passed
RPi 1 Media Completed RPi B, RPi B+ Passed, Passed
RPi 2 Dev Platform Completed RPi 3 Model B (Monitor), RPi 3 Model B (Touchscreen), RPi 2 Model B Passed, Passed, Passed
RPi 2 Kiosk Completed RPi 3 Model B (Monitor), RPi 3 Model B (Touchscreen), RPi 2 Model B Passed, Passed, Passed
RPi 2 AutoKiosk Completed RPi 3 Model B (Monitor), RPi 3 Model B (Touchscreen), RPi 2 Model B Passed, Passed, Passed
RPi 2 Media Completed RPi 3 Model B (Monitor), RPi 3 Model B (Touchscreen), RPi 2 Model B Passed, Passed, Passed
  1. VT switching for omxplayer has gotten bad. I need to deal with RM #751 soon.
  2. RPi B/B+ are too slow for UIs and are not tested with the touchscreen so are not supported for the Kiosk/Auto-Kiosk. They do work, slowly, with the media system.

See RM #691 (note 11) for what comes next.

#6 Updated by Hammel 3 months ago

  • % Done changed from 10 to 20

I've started versioning and tagging all repos. The versioning was first. I updated the set of repos to all the repos I updated with licenses for this release. But some of those do not have cdtools functions in the meta repo. So those failed. Only about half got attempted and only a subset completed before just stopped running. It hung, which is weird, on commiting to pibox. I need to verify that commit went through.

There is a make.out with the set of repos that were updated: grep -i "to gitlab" make.out
Verify each of these got versioned.

I need to verify which repos didn't get cloned and find out why.

I added dryrun capability to versioning and tagging and need to test (then commit and push) that.

I need to comment out the repos that have been versioned in src/repolist.txt before trying to run it again to actually version the repos.

I need to review the release process for 0.9 (RM #348) to make sure I catch all the bits that need to happen after versioning and tagging.

#7 Updated by Hammel 3 months ago

  • % Done changed from 20 to 10

The hung process actually finished after several days. Weird. I think it was DNS on feynman that was mucked up.

List of repos that were not processed:
  • conf2bmap
  • ffmpeg
  • libpibox
  • piboid
  • pibox-network-config
  • pitemplate
  • rt8192
All of these are under the pibox project except pitemplate, which is a personal project.
I should still check each of the others to make sure they actually got updated to version 1.1. Here is the list of the ones that should have been updated.
  • appmgr
  • bluez
  • crtmpserver
  • hawkeye
  • launcher
  • metabuild
  • mjpg-streamer
  • monkey
  • musicfe
  • omxplayer
  • pibox
  • piboxd
  • piboxwww
  • picam
  • piclock
  • pipics
  • pixm
  • pmsui
  • psplash
  • test-project
  • videofe
  • videolib

#8 Updated by Hammel 2 months ago

  • Description updated (diff)

Versioning is complete. I've updated metabuild to fix the problems I ran into.

Next up is to go back to the test matrix. Build all the releases, then test each.

After the matrix is done I can tag the repos.

The review RM #348 to make sure release steps are complete.

#9 Updated by Hammel about 1 month ago

Rebuilds are failing because packages are being deprecated and package archives are disappearing (temporarily) from the net. So this has been a slow process.

Next deprecation to fix: bind needs to bump to 9.11.19. There are multiple versions between Buildroot 2019.05 and this version so it may not build easily. If that happens, I may just bump Buildroot with so many other things going on.

#10 Updated by Hammel 26 days ago

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#11 Updated by Hammel 25 days ago

  • Description updated (diff)

All tests now pass. What's left for release:

  1. Generate VideoLib RPM (See RM #764)
  2. Tag all repos
    1. Add dry-run option to tagging to show what would happen for each repo without doing it, to make sure this still works.
  3. Generate disk images (dd from installed SD card)
    1. rpi1: media, kiosk, auto-kiosk
    2. rpi2: media, kiosk, auto-kiosk
    3. Naming convention: pibox-rpi<hw>[rpi<hw>...]-<system>.img, as in pibox-rpibplus-devplatform.img or pibox-rpi2rpi3-media.img
  4. Archive builds
    1. rpi1: dev, media, kiosk, auto-kiosk
    2. rpi2: dev, media, kiosk, auto-kiosk
  5. Push builds and disk images to download site
  6. Push opkg files to download site
  7. Push download archives (archives downloaded by xcc, buildroot, etc. as part of build process) to download site
    # Update directory listing on upload site
  8. Update wiki
    1. Need installation guide for latest mksd/mkinstall
    2. Need installation guide for disk images (dd)
  9. Update
    1. New Images
      1. Media
      2. Kiosk
    2. New Videos
      1. Media Player
      2. Music Player
      3. PiXM
      4. Media System
      5. Kiosk System w/ Touchscreen
    3. Blog Post on 1.1 release
  10. Generate changelog - in metabuild - see "meta 2" pkg directory.
  11. Write up announcement and add it to News (as in this example) - see "meta 2" pkg directory.
  12. Announce to RPi Forums
  13. Announce to
  14. Post to
    1. LinkedIn: Raspberry Pi and Embedded Linux groups, BLUG group
    2. User groups: blug, clue, pplug, CS Open Source Meetup
  15. Reassign severity/priority to 1.2/1.3 issues. Move issues to 1.2 (build fixes for alternative platforms) or 1.3 (if needed) or 2.0.

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