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Make 0.8.0 release

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Status:ClosedStart date:10 Jan 2014
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Category:05 - Releases
Target version:0.8.0
Severity:03 - Medium


0.8.0 - PiBox Media Server Beta 2

Release should be made after verifying CentOS build on target. Process is as follows.

  1. Update revision numbers on everything
  2. Build on Fedora 19 and CentOS 6.4 (or 6.5 after doing update)
  3. Build opkgs
  4. Test both builds w/opkgs on hardware
  5. Create release directories on Ubuntu One
  6. Push images to release directories
  7. Write release notes (see 0.7.0 sample)
    1. Need a changelogs script to generate logs for all repos - see RM #294
  8. Add it to News
  9. Push to RPi Forums
  10. Update

Be sure to include the following opkg updates, as these are essential to the PiBox Media Server:

  1. crtmpserver_0.8_arm.opk
  2. mjpg-streamer_0.8_arm.opk
  3. monkey_0.8_arm.opk
  4. piboxd_0.8_arm.opk
  5. piboxwww_0.8_arm.opk
  6. psplash_0.8_arm.opk

A few of these are unchanged but most have updates.

See RM #225 for tips on previous release process.

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#1 Updated by Hammel over 5 years ago

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Everything except the rpi forum post and eLinux update have been completed.

The new download tree on is up too. Future releases will need to have an updated readme.html to go with the download tree.

#2 Updated by Hammel over 5 years ago

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Announcement has been posted.

This issue can be closed.

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