voice control interface to infrastructure

  • mobile
  • Jarvis
  • home UIs - NEST-like
  • Follow-Me architecture - voice control follows you around the home.

futuristic media display system

  • display on glass w/
    • static opaqueness
    • variable opaqueness
  • Heads up
  • Motion capture

system control

robotic assistance

controlled access: doors, windows, garage

security cameras

controllable power: outlets, lights

resource management:

  • what do you need (toilet paper, eggs)

Monitoring: utilities

  • location: humans, pets, visitors


home data center

  • See "Media Devices":#MediaDevices and DLNA

Device node

Concept of a module unit so each new application doesn't need a new device.

Server node

Essentially a Raspberry Pi 2 (quad core) with a touch screen display.


  • server box - master @ home, could have multiple, distributed in a single home
  • subnode - manages a collection of devices, reports to master
  • nodes - IoT, media servers - any "thing" that is an endpoint


  • Margins: 80-100% initially, %30 sustained
  • Cost: $80 per outlet would not be reasonable
  • wired network (wireline electrical)?
  • wifi problems?
    • g - interference
    • n - faster, still interference?
    • ac - best? not in esp8266?
    • could we use non-wifi comm?
  • Comm security
  • power IoT - must last a long time
    • power harvesting
    • minimal power for comm - save most for control of device
  • Mechanical experience
  • Data band vs Control band
    • wifi for data
    • bluetooth or other RF for control
  • No cloud - network comm is private, not to 3rd party
    • Add on: we manage a server

What is the MVP?

  • Proof of Concept: defined by Feb 20th
  • 1st product: definition by end of April
  • Danny - Jasper project working code - integrate with Jarvis?
  • Mike - PiBox, builds and infrastructure, UI maybe

How do we divvy the work?

  • Electrical: Danny, Mike
  • Software: Mike, Danny

What's already out there?

  • what niches are not being filled?
  • what niches are we competing against?

Things to look at?

  • Wink - home automation/IoT company
    • app-celerator - write Javascript, compile into mobile-specific apps
  • Blynk - home automation mobile dev tool
  • Some tips for building IoT devices from Sparkfun.

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