MVP Development Tasks

Strikethrough means that item has been completed.


Note: Touch Display is already supported



  • Pair Button support on boot
  • Write to work like ESP8266 where boot mode can set up AP to allow configuration via mobile device
        Handles both Internet wifi setup and sensor network AP config.
        if (pair_button)
            enable ap only
            enable wifi config in web server
            enable ap
            enable internet wifi connection
            disable wifi config in web server
  • New launcher supporting UI design.
  • piboxd updates
    • needs to support sensor messages (store to sensor location). overwrite with latest message in per-sensor file.
  • Battery backup
    • On AC power failure, send notifications and continue running.
    • power down safely (signal all apps) when battery is low.
  • Install
    • must format hard drive on firstboot
      • partition 1: app data
      • partition 2: camera recordings
  • New apps:
    • Sensor config/browse (prototype only, needs enhancements a better UX)
    • Contacts (for notifications)
    • Files (for cleanup, status viewing)
    • Setup (admin pw, generate keys for sensors)


Fork esp8266 project (see


  • Rework esp8266 code to handle new flow diagram. (see
  • If necessary, simplify REST interface.
  • Add AES encoding + hash for all messages (inbound and outbound from sensor).


  • Android
    • Wifi config
      • connect to AP (monitor or sensor)
      • configure network
      • Set admin pw (part of initial setup)
    • View sensor status
    • Admin
      • Set admin pw (via sensor network only)
  • Web UI - current prototype only handles network configuration in Config Mode.
    • View sensor status
    • Admin
      • Set admin pw
      • gen keys
    • Files
      • List
      • Delete
    • Wifi config
      • Only available if in Pair mode

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