Hardware Links

Door/Window Alarm

Monitor (Home automation server)

  • WD PiDrive - will be used to store video from cameras.
  • GungHo PiDrive - about the same price but directly attaches to the Pi. Might not have the power savings provided by WD PiDrive.
  • Wifi Hat
    • Redbear - WiFi and Bluetooth + BLE
    • Adafruit - WiFi and Bluetooth + BLE; same as Redbear


AC Control

  1. TRIACs: Low cost, high current handling capability.
  2. Traditional relay: moving parts, relatively low cost, very high current
  3. Solid State Relay: Higher cost, no moving parts. Advantage over TRIACs is that SSR can interrupt current at any point in the AC waveform. TRIACs only cut off current at the zero-crossing point.
  4. Step-Down Converter - AC to DC 3.1V-3.5V.
    1. And companion 5V to 3V converter

DC Control


Battery Backup

Stepper Motor Control

  1. TI DRV8811: Integrated FETs, up to 1.9A per coil
  2. (Toshiba?) TB6612: Used on adafruit and other boards: Documentation/sourcing appears limited

3D Printing



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