V0.7.0 Release Announcement

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PiBox V0.7.0 is now available for download, both in source and SD card installation packages. This release has numerous bug fixes along with a new network configuration UI in the web interface.

The 0.7.0 release continues to focus on supporting the release of the PiBox Media Server.

Major changes for 0.7.0
  1. Added support for auto mounting flash-media devices, such as USB flash sticks.
  2. Add support for flipping webcam display (in case webcam is upside down)
  3. Fix webcam streaming to tablets over web interface
  4. Fix media streaming to tablets using SMB
  5. Updated web interface with localhost-only network configuration option
  6. Added boot splash opkg

See attached changelogs for PiBox and associated packages.

Upcoming for 0.8.0
  1. Complete Access Point migration from bui-network-config to web based UI
  2. Add hardware accelerated driver
  3. Verify sound support
Future development plans
  1. Integrate touch screen for use with PiBox Media Server
  2. Add support for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices, such as weather and geolocation sensors
  3. Review integration process for Wifi Direct support
  4. Complete integration of XBMC opkg for Media Player
Additional Information

Notes on archive locations:
I'm currently using Ubuntu One which is fine for limited storage requirements. However, I find I'd rather have my own dropbox. Turns out there is an open source version that seems to work pretty good: ownCloud

I'm researching its setup and use for PiBox and related projects. More to come on this later.

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