V0.6.0 Release Announcement

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PiBox V0.6.0 is now available for download, both in source and SD card installation packages. This release marks the first version containing a collection of add-on packages whose purpose is to support one of the two target products being based on PiBox.

Since the 0.5.0 release, PiBox has been structured into a core release on which select products are being developed.
  1. PiBox Development Platform: A platform for custom development of embedded solutions based on the Raspberry Pi.
  2. PiBox Media Server: A media server that can stream webcams and video files or serve them up as NFS files.
  3. PiBox Media Player: A media player based on XBMC or other media players

PiBox Development Platform is ready. It can easily be modified to provide additional features in the core image at build time but is intended to be extended with opkgs.

PiBox Media Server's prototype is ready. It currently streams from a USB webcam and is initially intended for use in small trailers as a simple rear-view camera that can be monitored from the tow vehicle. Additional work is needed to provide support for streaming video files to tablets via USB mounted SD cards. Future development will include support for USB digital TV sticks that can be streamed to the Media Player. Support for temperature, humidity and air flow should be easy to add in the near term. A small touch screen will be integrated to display current configurations and sensor readings. A prototype touch screen is on order. The media server will utilize an externally powered USB hub. Plans are to integrate (and possibly custom design) a USB hub with external connectors that will allow installation in travel trailers to be more cleanly integrated with cabinetry.

PiBox Media Player is partially done but needs more work. XBMC is not properly tested and sound has not been tested. Additionally, playback with hardware accelerated media players needs to be integrated as opkgs. The media player is intended to work with lightweight DLP projectors via HDMI, with the intent that we display on the side of the trailer for a "personal Drive In Theater" experience (using headphones, to avoid annoying the neighbors). This work is waiting on the Media Server to be completed.

Both the Media Server and Media Player need work on the web server to support configuration of the devices. Currently this is done with bui-network-config, a GTK+ application. What should be done is to port the file configuration support from bui-network-config into piboxd and then use the web server to send commands and data to piboxd to perform the configuration.

The initial target market for these devices are travel trailers, as a replacement for overweight TVs and supporting video players. However, this is just an initial target audience and the applicability of these devices to other audiences needs to be explored.

The web site is fully updated to reflect these design changes and is (hopefully) more helpful to those wishing to try out PiBox.

Changes for 0.6.0
See attached changelogs for PiBox and associated packages.

Dropped development of DisplayLink support as that device was stolen. It will be replaced by a touch screen display that directly connects to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins, which will later serve as a sensor and monitor interface.

Upcoming for 0.7.0
  1. Fix streaming to tablets
  2. Add support for flipping display (in case webcam is upside down)
  3. Clean up web interface
  4. Add boot splash
  5. Add support for auto mounting USB connected media files
Future development plans
  1. Integrate touch screen for use with PiBox Media Server
  2. Port bui-network-config into piboxd and integrate into web interface
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I'm currently using Ubuntu One which is fine for limited storage requirements. However, I find I'd rather have my own dropbox.
Turns out there is an open source version that seems to work pretty good: ownCloud
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