Bug #855

Updated by Hammel almost 3 years ago

Autoconf-based apps are currently built outside the docker image used by the pibox dev build. 
 On Fedora, app builds were fine with just setting PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR in the build script.   
 On Debian 11 this is not sufficient.    The following additional variables must be set when calling ./configure. 



 All apps currently built for any mode by any metabuild (pibox and ironman) need to have this update. 
 The update should be applicable to other distros as well. 

 After reviewing all pkglist.* files for both pibox and ironman, the following app builds need to be reviewed 
 for use of, and updated if found. 

 * -appmgr- 
 * -bluez- (not autoconf) 
 * -ironman+gpio- ironman+gpio 
 * -ironman+ironmancfg- ironman+ironmancfg 
 * -ironman+launcher- ironman+launcher 
 * -ironman+monitor- ironman+monitor 
 * -ironman+sensors- ironman+sensors 
 * -ironman+www- ironman+www 
 * -launcher- 
 * -lcdshow- (not autoconf) 
 * -libpibox- 
 * -mjpg-streamer- (not autoconf) 
 * -monkey- (not autoconf) 
 * -musicfe- 
 * -omxplayer- (not autoconf) 
 * -piboxd- 
 * -piboxwww- (not autoconf) 
 * -picam- 
 * -piclock- 
 * -pidialer- 
 * -pinet- 
 * -pipics- 
 * -pisentrycfg- 
 * -pixm- 
 * -pmsui- 
 * -psplash- 
 * -videofe- 
 * -xeoncfg- 

 Note: if you start the docker image first, then start a screen session inside it (to run cdtools) you could do the app builds there, but the docker image is Debian anyway.