Feature #743

Updated by Hammel over 3 years ago

This is just a modified version of the PiBox Media System that contains only the following packages. 

 * appmgr 
 * launcher 
 * mjpg-streamer 
 * monkey 
 * omxplayer 
 * piboxd 
 * piboxmediaserverui 
 * piboxwww 
 * picam 
 * psplash 
 * videofe 

 The UI should just have the network and picam app displayed.    This allows a console view of the camera.    It also allows network configuration from the console.    However, the main purpose is to provide a web based interface only.    So this also needs to have an AP mode that allows configuring the network for the system.    This would require a variation of Ironman's imwww interface.    This can be in a different subdirectory and launched separately depending on the mode the device is in, which can be handled with GPIO pins. 

 This build should also provide Ironman functionality by allowing the Pi to register as a sensor device. 

 As a bonus:    add an option to make PiSentry a USB UVC gadget, allowing it to stream data to a USB host.    This would allow a set of PiSentry's to be managed by a single host, albeit only if they are hardwired.