Feature #640

Updated by Hammel over 3 years ago

This could be used by PiBoxd to query for where the IoT device registration directory can be found. 

 There is already the /monitor API.    This needs to be extended to /monitor/{config,descriptor}. 

 The API should test if the request comes from internally (the localhost) or from externally.    Only internal requests should be honored. 

 The API should provide the following information: 
 * PairEnabledStamp 
 * ironmanDir 
 * monitorDir 
 * iotDir 
 * stampDir 
 * uuid (monitor's uuid) 
 * descriptor (not the file, but the actual content of the descriptor) 

 This should all be returned in a JSON packet. 

 When this is implemented, update the piboxd's iot.c code to use it instead of using the hard-coded path to the iotDir and update Jarvis to use the /monitor/descriptor API instead of just /monitor. iotDir.