Administration #437

Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

Gitlab bought Gitorious so now I need to migrate all the repos.   

 I've already imported all of them.    Now I need to change the each repo's remote origin and cdtools config. 

 This is how to change the remote origin: 

 > git remote rm origin 
 > git remote add origin 

 omxplayer is updated already (to fix build problem with master).    metabuild needs to be updated (has change for gitlab repo for omxplayer waiting to be pushed).   

 The group is the parent in the cdtools files.    The group names changed for a few projects so be sure to check those. 

 Also, it's "" instead of "" 

 Don't forget to update repo links on wiki. 
 Don't forget to update repo links on gfxmuse