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Fork GTK2? Cairo? omxplayer?

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18 Dec 2020
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GTK2 is EOL, apparently. GTK3 is overkill and now it's being replaced by GTK4.

I chose GTK2 because of it's simplicity and lightweight nature. I don't need much in the way of UI toolkits. It might be worth while to fork GTK2 so I always have it available.
The same may be true of Cairo, though that's less likely to go away.

If I'm going to fork, I should do it soon. And it should include the entire GTK2 stack: gobject, glib, gdk, etc. Plus I need to make sure I can generate the docs for all of them.

If I get to OpenGL with Cairo I may not need GTK2 as much but I'd still like it around as a lightweight toolkit with an API to using things like Cairo and/or OpenGL.

omxplayer is being deprecated in favor of vlc. However, vlc is bloated and not very Unix-like (small programs piped together to get bigger things). There are some deprecated dependencies for omxplayer too so if I fork omxplayer I may have to fork them too (unless I can always get them from Buildroot).

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