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Need network config app

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pnc is too big and bulky. I need a C/GTK+ version of imwww, but without AP setup. This doesn't need to be complex. Just set the SSID, password, etc - just like with imwww.</p>

network-config.png - network config imwww (76.3 KB) Hammel, 20 May 2019 19:28


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RM #708: Fix install scripts to format and install to an image file. This is so I can work on getting QEMU to boot PiBox and allow me to test apps without having to use the Pis directly (which can be hard if I have to tear apart a Xeon phone, for example).


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This is the imwww interface. I just need a GTK+ interface for the upper half, with an additional field for current IP address.

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The initial UI is ready. It has a builtin keyboard that was suprisingly easy to write, mostly because of the way I originally wrote the launcher to handle icon touch points. With the keyboard, each touch point is just that much smaller. However, it's only been tested on the desktop. I need to tear down the hardware and add a keyboard so I can get wifi config information to be able to test it on real hardware.

Anyway, the next step should be fairly simple. I need to gather the fields (which is already done in submit()) and pass them to piboxd. The way to do this can be seen in Ironman's imwww/php/settings-write.php:saveWireless(). It looks like this:

$header = 0x00000903;   // MT_NET, MA_SETWIRELESS
$size = strlen($msg);
socket_write($socket, pack("I", $header), 4);
socket_write($socket, pack("I", $size), 4);
socket_write($socket, $msg, strlen($msg));

where msg is a colon seperated set of values, as in:

$msg = $ssid . ":" . $security . ":" . $pw;

The security field can be sent as ordinary text - the backend pnc library handles that.

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Actually, I already have an API for this in libpibox: piboxMsg(). There is an example in picam:

piboxMsgSend(MT_STREAM, MA_START, 0, tag, strlen("webcam"), "webcam", NULL, 0);

However, this is for a custom function in picam. The libpibox API is simpler. For xeonnc it would look like this:

(fill buf with colon delimited fields)
piboxMsg(MT_NET, MA_SETWIRELESS, 0, buf, strlen(buf), &returnBuf);

where returnBuf is a pointer to a buffer to hold the returned data. For setting the wireless there is no return data. But we'll also need

  • getWireless - to fill in the fields initially
  • getIP - to get the IP address of the wifi interface

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