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Fix colors of splash images

Added by Hammel about 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

04 - Applications
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09 Mar 2019
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04 - Low


Videofe has the darker orange color and matches a few others. This is the color I want.

Other apps don't have that color or are just grayscale. I need to fix them all to match.

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Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

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Here are the apps and colors I want to use. I decided that using the same colors was too boring. This is based on the layout of the 9 icons in the media system UI and the color layers in the template/powerbutton.xcf source image.

App Icon Colors

These are in order as the launcher layout.

App Repo Color Done
PiPics pipics bright green Yes
MusicFE musicfe bright yellow Yes
Network launcher netscape Yes
PiCam picam light blue Yes
PiClock piclock brown Yes
PiXM pixm dark green Yes
Reboot launcher bright red Yes
Terminal launcher grey blue Yes
VideoFE videofe sunburst Yes

Launcher layout

PiPics MusicFE Network
PiCam PiClock PiXM
Reboot Terminal VideoFE
Actions #2

Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

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Done. Only the splash images were changed. I want to see how it looks before I change the smaller icons. First, the smaller icons are much smaller file sizes so load much faster but that would change if they were not grayscale.

I'll test these after the base builds are done and I can generate the metabuilds. But I have a feeling I won't make any further changes at this point.

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Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

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Verified the changes look fine. I don't see any reason to update the smaller icons at this time.

Closing issue.


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