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Replace Media Server RPi B with RPi 3

Added by Hammel about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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30 Jul 2018
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Test if this works better as the server and has less network dropouts than the RPi B + uugear 7 port hub. If it does I could try using the hub without attaching it with standoffs to the Pi.

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Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

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This works waaaaay better. The server doesn't drop the network connection anymore. I can use a bare RPi3 with wifi dongle, USB stick w/videos, and the keyboard dongle - no need for extra USB hat.

I've ordered a clear case for the RPi 3 from Adafruit (be here in a week or so) so I can replace the one in the Media Server box. Then I'll have my client/server demo ready for Maker Faire.

Status: just waiting on the clear case.

Actions #2

Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

Clear case arrived. Pi3 is not laid out the same as Pi1. I need to drill another hold in the back for the audio output.

Waiting now on USB Type A Coupler, Female Bulkhead/Male, 12 in. cables that should allow me to use the existing HDMI hole while letting me plug in USB media sticks in the front on the Media server.

Actions #3

Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

The cables were still too long so I had to expand the hole in the wooden case. But everything is in place now and tested. I think the solder on the power switch to the GPIO power pin connectors is bad because I'm getting low voltage warnings on the Pi. I need to redo those.

After re-soldering the connections I need to configure the server and player to be a stand alone network. Then those will be ready to go for Maker Faire.

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Updated by Hammel about 4 years ago

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Resoldering fixed the voltage problems. No low voltage warnings anymore.

Server is setup as an AP and player is configured to use it. Tested by playing videos on both. No problems at all.

Closing issue.


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