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PiSensor App config/browse

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28 Jul 2017
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App that allows browsing sensors individually, to group them together or to drop them from registration.

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This is mostly implemented in the pisensors app. You can't group them yet (because currently there is only one kind of sensor - imlightsw) and the display is a little klunky, but you can toggle their states and delete them from the UI.

What's next:
  1. Clean up the UI. The flat display is okay but maybe each row needs a backdrop or at least each cell (the latter sounds "busy" to me). Also, a single device is shoved up at the top of the display. Maybe try centering the rows by having less rows than 3 if we have less than 3 sensors.
  2. Allow browsing sensor details. We may want to keep more detailed information and display it with a drill down by tapping on the sensor icon. Additional information might be:
    1. When was the last state change
    2. When did the pairing occur.
    3. What additional metadata did the sensor provide (uptime, power use, wifi stats, etc.)

Once there are more sensor types the display may change to show sensor groups first, then drill down to see sensors of that type before drilling down to individual sensors.

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