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Consider migrating to using Plex database

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16 Jun 2016
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This would work if I can query an existing Plex database for a specificied path (movie or TV). Then only use those in the local db using the original VideoFE format. The idea is that the user just needs to copy directory trees to a USB stick and then use VideoLib to parse out a local db from the associated Plex db from whence those trees came. It allows reuse of the Plex data in a simplified format.

Here are some links to review:
  1. Plex Web API Overview
  2. Plex export - for exporting data from the db
  3. Plex Media Server URL Commands
  4. Using the API to retrieve Library metadata

It isn't clear what version I'm running or which version these links support.

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To query for a particular movie video:

This will retrieve the JSON for that video, which can then be stored in the local db (modified as needed for videofe)

This hasn't been tested for TV shows but I think it should still work as long as the correct section is used. VideoLib will have to retrieve the sections and have the use select which sections are for movies and which are for TV shows.

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The following will retrieve data in JSON format:

curl -H "Accept: application/json"
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