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Library design needs to be modified to hold all json data

Added by Hammel about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Local DB
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01 May 2016
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02 - High


The library shouldn't be a single flat file. It should be one flat file per movie file that contains all the json data for a single movie or TV show. This will allow me to more easily save all json data and only parse out what I support in the UI, making future updates to the UI easier. It should also be faster since I don't have to maintain the entire json data in memory. I can just read them in at start up to create a sorted list of movies, even sorting on different fields (title, date, etc.).

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Updated by Hammel almost 8 years ago

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The database should be in JSON, not plain text. A newline specifies a new video entry. This would be the same JSON data retrieved for a video file but with the path to the video added as an identifier for the record. Posters may need alternate handling from what happens now - I'll have to research that some more.

This will be a rewrite of LocalDB in videolib and will require a rewrite of videofe:db.c:dbLoad() to read the data.

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This is done. The code is committed in the mjhammel/tvdbcom branch and will be merged with master after videofe is tested on hardware.

Closing issue.


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