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Media Player slow to move through titles

Added by Hammel almost 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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28 Jun 2015
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04 - Low


It's not clear if this was a real problem or not. I had network problems with my phone doing playback and at one point I had an astro-app tell me there was unusual magnetic activity so maybe there was something weird about the location that affected network playback.

In this case I had a little trouble displaying the video posters as I moved through the titles.

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Samba config is very minimal and likely not optimized. Here is a description of how to optimize the settings that may improve performance.

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I've also seen this on the server, with the USB sticks connected locally. So this is probably an issue in videofe itself.

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Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

Some tools to measure time spent in functions:
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Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

Tested on desktop with local directory for db. No visible slowness moving through titles.

Tested on desktop with USB directory for db. No visibl slowness moving through titles.

Now I need to test
  • USB directory on server.
  • SMB mounted directory on player.
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Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

USB directory on server is slow. The speed of the USB stick is not a factor since there was no slowness on the desktop with the same stick.

Next test: disable use of posters and just do the video names. Is this a problem with poster loading/parsing?

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Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

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It's the image loading. If I disable it the movement through the list of videos is very responsive. It would seem cairo is slow on ARM, at least on the Raspberry Pi single-core models.

This isn't to say I can't do anything to speed up my code. I may be able to find some optimizations, like loading images in the background and using a hash to find them, only loading those that aren't in the hash at the time the user moves to the associated video title.

For now, I'll leave this issue open. I've got other fish to fry before worrying about this. I'll make the SMB performance config a separate issue (RM #461).

Lowering priority for now and pushing to the 0.12 release.

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This is resolved. There were two issues:
  • Poor wifi performance.
  • Large poster files

I fixed the former with a better wifi dongle on the player.
I fixed the latter with a tool for squashing the posters in VideoLib.

This issue can now be closed.


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