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Prototype case for Media Server

Added by Hammel over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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22 Mar 2015
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I need to place all components into a case now to prep for camping season. This issue is just for the Media Server.

Here is what I need.

  1. Low profile box - 2" deep max.
  2. Contains
    1. RPi
    2. UUGear USB hub
  3. External connectors
    1. USB connector for power
    2. USB connectors for 5 ports
    3. Audio out
    4. HDMI out
  4. Mounting
    1. Mount under cabinet
    2. Must be easily removable so it can be taken out of trailer after each trip

This is just a start. Look at RM #371 for how I was designing the custom cases for what goes into this one.


MediaServerPrototype.png (14.4 KB) MediaServerPrototype.png Hammel, 22 Mar 2015 16:39
MediaServerPrototype.png (14.3 KB) MediaServerPrototype.png Hammel, 22 Mar 2015 16:42
MediaServerPrototype.png (14.6 KB) MediaServerPrototype.png Hammel, 22 Mar 2015 16:48
MediaServerPrototype.png (15.8 KB) MediaServerPrototype.png Hammel, 22 Mar 2015 16:53
MediaServerPrototype.png (21.9 KB) MediaServerPrototype.png Hammel, 19 Apr 2015 16:06
MediaServerPrototype.png (22.9 KB) MediaServerPrototype.png Final layout Hammel, 19 Apr 2015 20:00
msproto.jpg (53.6 KB) msproto.jpg prototype wooden case (RPI and hub are inside) Hammel, 06 Jun 2015 13:13
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Updated by Hammel over 7 years ago

Some additional cables:

Plus some 22AWG wire for the power button connector, 8-12" in length should probably work

Mounting holes are 2.5mm diameter. Mounting to wood should be simple enough. I'll need some standoffs for mounting.

Here is the basic layout for the Media Server wiring.

Final layout

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Updated by Hammel over 7 years ago

It might also be nice to include an LM2596A based board to regulate the power supply. But it's much simpler (and naive) to use a momentary switch. I'm guessing that the LM2596A would be needed with the simple switch to make sure when power is applied it is properly regulated.

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Updated by Hammel over 7 years ago

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This configuration has been tested. I found that with the UUGear hub I need to power both boards separately. I don't know if this is due to the power adapter I'm using (5V/4A) or the UUGear hub. I've checked all the test points I can find and I see a solid 5V using an analog meter every where I test. I can't test amps with this meter, however. I'll contact UUGear and let them know.

Unfortunate, but two power supplies is how it will be with the prototype.

I bought two wooden boxes from Michael's. One is larger but has very thing walls. I'm having problem finding an easy way to route one wall on the inside (to make it thinner) to mount the USB panel mount cables. I'm looking into Dremel tools now. Until then I'll look at mounting these in the smaller box which has much thinner walls. This means the USB panel mount cables will have to be cut. There is simply too much extra cabling to fit in this little box.

One the two boards are mounted (likely connected with risers) and the cables mounted I can add a some sliders to the top of the box and the underside of the cabinet in the trailer. This will be used to make an easily mounted/unmounted platform (so I can remote it when we store the trailer and avoid another break-in). The monitor will be VESA mounted and require power as well.

Considering what this replaces, the old method used a lot less power cords. I'll need to fix that problem in the prototype eventually.

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Updated by Hammel over 7 years ago

I've finalized the layout of the board inside the enclosure (attached and visible in the first comment). I've started cutting the box. Drills were too harsh on the soft, thin wood so I'm using a carbide cutter to "sand" a hole and enlarge it for panel mounts. It's rough, but this is a first prototype and I'll get better with practice.

I need to order the right-angle cable to connect the two boards. But I also need shorter panel mounts for the usb. The ones I got are really too large at the mount and to long in the cable.

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Updated by Hammel about 7 years ago

Prototype case is completed. I used a small wooden box from Michael's and a dremel to customize it. I then installed the components and cabling. I added the power switch that powers the hub and RPi separately. Eveything tests as working although one of the USB port cables appears to not be working. Since there cables had to be shorted and modified with inline connectors I may have not soldered it correctly.

Sample photo attached. More photos will go online soon.

Will close after photos go on the wiki.

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Updated by Hammel about 7 years ago

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Photos have been uploaded.

Closing issue.


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