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Need an on-screen keyboard

Added by Hammel almost 8 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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05 Nov 2014
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03 - Medium

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  1. florence required gtk+ >= 3.0
  2. gok is Gnome and isn't supported anymore
  3. onboard is python and has external python dependencies. Couldn't figure out how to run it.
  4. eazykeyboard worked okay but doesn't do XEmbed.

Looks like stuffing matchbox-keyboard into bui-network-config in embedded mode is the best solution. Note that matchbox-keyboard is already available in PiBox Development Platform. So now its just a matter of integrating its use into the app with GtkSocket.

The other problem will be that matchbox-keyboard may expect that we actually type with a keyboard. But if all I have is a pointer device then that won't work. I may need a keyboard like the Roku has.

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Updated by Hammel almost 8 years ago

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Or maybe I should just skip this issue for now. The keyboard is only required for network configuration initially. So a wired or wireless keyboard (like the Favi) is sufficient for that. After that, you don't need it to use the system (as it is now).

I'll push this back to the 1.0 release. No sense getting distracted with non-issues.

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Updated by Hammel about 6 years ago

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Onscreen keyboard is no longer required. The core platform uses a normal keyboard (USB or FAVI). The media platform uses a FAVI keyboard. Onscreen would only be useful for touchscreens, which are not yet supported.

Closing issue.


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