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Need a changelog script to generate a changelog for all repos

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This will be based on using the cdtools scripts to bounce around to all repos, generate the changelog for each and combine them into a single file.

This should be added to the PiBox repo for now, lacking any place better for it. Magnifier - Changelog generator script for PiBox and opkgs. (4.76 KB) Hammel, 16 Mar 2014 21:20


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Wrote a shell script to generate the logs. It's fairly generic and takes an input file with the path to the cdtools shell function file and the function in that file to call. More than one repo can be processed for each changelog, which is how I do it with PiBox and its companion opkgs.

To use it: -r ./docs/rpi.repos -s v0.7 -e v0.8 -t "Bump to version 0.8" 

The repos list is in the PiBox repository.

I've attached the file here for reference. This issue can be closed.

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