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This actually looks like it might be fairly easy to implement. An AP is the GO (group owner) and clients are just clients. The main difference is how they connect, which is by using wpa_cli (unless there is some API I can use).

Networking on the server would simply be:

  1. Enable wpa_supplicant
  2. Setup a p2p group
  3. start scanning for clients
  4. add clients found

The client (piplayers) would do the same, except not setup a p2p group.

The media system would always be a GO (group owner). Clients would always be client, never GO's.

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Updated by Hammel 7 days ago

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This should be reviewed as part of a migration to using PiNet for everything instead of the PNC UI.

It should definitely be used when using Media System as the GO (group owner) and Player Systems as clients, which was part of the original PiBox design.


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