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Write PHP that initiates webcam stream via piboxd, sends heartbeat and kills stream.

Added by Hammel almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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24 Sep 2013
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Now that piboxd is ready I can write the PHP-based web pages (RESTful interface) that handles starting the webcam stream, providing heartbeats for the stream and kills the stream.

The PHP for starting the stream should include the Javascript that is required to call the heartbeat PHP and the kill PHP pages.

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Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

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This is working now. It's built around a php script that sends a start message to piboxd, then loads a page template that includes javascript to callback to the php script as either a heartbeat or when leaving the page to kill the webcam. Dealing with the Back button is a problem at the moment but I can return to that later. For now, this will suffice for the prototype.

What's left now is to test the complete setup - piboxd, crtmpserver and piboxwww under monkey - on the hardware serving to my phone or tablet. Actually the first test should be to the desktop, then test to Android.

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Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

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Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

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Multiple updates to get the complete system running:
  1. crtmpserver: Make crtmpserver configuration default to daemon mode. Add lock file to init script processing.
  2. piboxd: Add postinst script that fixes ownerhips/perms on installed files. Fix base dir for init script.
  3. monkey: Fixed lock file for init script, fixed target dependencies for packaging and require root user to create package in order to properly set ownership/privileges within the package itself,(instead of after installation), added custom plugins.load that will automatically enable php-cgi, removed default files from root dir in monkey installation.
  4. piboxwww: fixed target dependencies for packaging target and force root user requirement when using that target, don't perform permissions/ownership updates if no files were installed to monkey root dir, add server interface IP to page template returned to client, fix protocol type (rtmp->rtsp) so JWPlayer will properly load.

This should now work in the test bed. I can't test it over an ssh tunnel or I'd verify it works right now.

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Updated by Hammel almost 9 years ago

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Verified on my laptop at home. The video streams correctly and stops correctly.

This issue can be closed.


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