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Wireless keyboards don't seem to work.

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13 Jan 2013
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I don't know if this is a kernel config problem or not, but the wired USB keyboard I was using stopped working. So I switched to a wireless USB keyboard. I have a wireless mouse connected to a powered USB hub that already works. Plugging in the wireless keyboard into either the other USB port on the Pi or an open port on the external powered hub causes the mouse to stop working too and the keyboard doesn't work at all.

It's possible I don't have all the correct USB configs in the kernel. I've enabled a few more and will try again.

Note that one of the wireless keyboards I tried was a Logitech Unified model. These have support in the kernel but require external tools to make them work. They are not suited to the work I'm doing with PiBox.

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This was due to a misunderstanding of how you mix both external power and an external powered hub.

If you have an externally powered hub plugged into the USB hub port on the Pi (not the OTG port, the other port) then you need to plug one of the ports on the external hub into the OTG port to power the Pi. You can't plug in an external power supply to the OTG port AND plug in an external powered USB hub to the other USB port at the same time or some things plugged into the external hub won't work.

This issue is also found on the BeagleBoard C4 with the same caveat.

I plugged in an external powered USB hub to the USB hub on the Pi, then connected one of the ports on the external hub to the OTG port and the Pi now works fine with wireless keyboards and mice.


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