PiBox 0.4.0 release image has been published

Added by Hammel almost 8 years ago

I've pushed the first public release of PiBox to Ubuntu One. It's only about 258.6 MB so should be an easy download. It contains all binaries required to build the SD card and scripts for formatting ( the card and then installing ( the software to the card.

Be sure to read the wiki page for information on how to use the format and install scripts.

First stable release: 0.4.0

Added by Hammel almost 8 years ago

PiBox V0.1 was the initial stable release. It will generate a working cross toolchain, kernel, gles utilities and root file system onto a bootable SD card. The boot goes into with a single terminal window. This release is suitable for use with XBMCBox when that build is ready, which I think it may be close to.

PiBox v0.2 is also ready. This is a only slightly modified version that was tested to build on Ubuntu 12.10. Now builds on Fedora 16, CentOS 6.3 and Ubuntu 12.10.

In order to correctly map git tags to the preset versions in the issue tracker, PiBox v0.3 and v0.4 are the same as v0.2.

Note: If you intend to build XBMCBox for use with PiBox you must build PiBox on a 32bit host due to problems with Python builds in XBMC.

  • userid: root
  • password: pibox

This announcement just moves the status information from the wiki to the issue tracker. The official announcement of 0.4.0 will come after a release package is finalized and pushed to an offsite publicly available archive.

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