From 13 Jun 2018 to 12 Jul 2018

12 Jul 2018

13:21 Monitor Bug #637 (In Progress): Nothing starts imrest at boot
This requires changing the context of the Pair Mode button on the Pi. It now has to operate in dual modes just it do... Hammel
13:08 Monitor Feature #640 (New): imrest should provide a configuration API
This could be used by PiBoxd to query for where the IoT device registration directory can be found.
There is alrea...
20:08 Revision 0d84cfd8 (imlightsw): RM #610: Code cleanup, mostly related to setting up pair mode and ...
20:04 Monitor Bug #639 (Closed): iot.c code is all wrong
The original iot.c code in piboxd expected devices to send a bunch of data that piboxd would handle. But the new RES... Hammel

11 Jul 2018

20:40 Sensors Bug #638 (Closed): imlightsw is not getting connecting to configured AP
Fixed. This required updating both the Arduino distribution to 2.4.1 and makeEspArduino to 4.13.0. The latter would... Hammel
20:34 Revision 9412dd1d (imlightsw): RM #610: Just to verify SPIFFS is now working with latest Arduino ...
write routines. These were tested inline first, to make sure SPIFFS really worked (it did) and then moved to generic... Hammel
20:34 Revision e5920324 (imlightsw): General: Cleanup of showconfig and clobber targets.
19:28 Revision 7d332357 (imlightsw): RM #638, RM #610: Completed support for setting and saving WiFi cr...
Remove credentials handling - WiFiManager now handles it properly since upgrading Arduino core and makeEspArduino.
19:27 Revision 51ee75fd (imlightsw): RM #638, RM #610: Updated Makefile to work with latest (4.13.0) ve...

10 Jul 2018

08:16 Revision 2b157eb1 (imlightsw): General: slight cleanup to differentiate libs in Arduino core and ...
08:09 Revision a177597f (imlightsw): General: Note on ESP_ROOT and symlinks. Note on aJson bug with fl...
08:08 Revision af6f2445 (imlightsw): RM #610: Add patch for broken aJson library when compiled against ...
08:01 Revision 2ff22236 (imlightsw): RM #610: Remove NOWM define. Add trailing / to ESP_ROOT because i...
18:54 Revision a04643b0 (imlightsw): RM #610: Messy code, but it actually does the right thing on all m...
18:54 Revision 7d3ff9ca (imlightsw): General: Cleanup on Makefile to reduce some size of binary.

06 Jul 2018

20:48 Sensors Bug #638 (Closed): imlightsw is not getting connecting to configured AP
It says it's connected but the IP it gets is I don't see it connected to the AP - I don't see it's MAC addr... Hammel
20:23 Monitor Bug #623: Enable Pair Mode in imrest at runtime if button enabled
This is actually a little different than what I thought and I've changed the title of the issue to reflect that. Fir... Hammel
20:13 Monitor Bug #637 (Closed): Nothing starts imrest at boot
If we're in Pair Mode at power-up then S90imwww starts the php server for configuration. However, if we're not in Pa... Hammel

05 Jul 2018

18:03 Sensors Feature #610: Implement lightsw IoT device
Added support for building with either serial console or blue LED using SERIAL environment variable.
Added support f...

04 Jul 2018

17:57 Revision 8a68c16f (imlightsw): RM #610: Add support for building with serial console support or w...
17:57 Revision 2bb90f9c (imlightsw): General: Mainly add use of GNU Make environment variables, plus so...

03 Jul 2018

21:03 Revision c8d65cb0 (imlightsw): General: Add reference in to site that supplied relay ci...
20:23 Sensors Feature #610: Implement lightsw IoT device
Whoopeeeeee!! The first working version of imlightsw is now committed and pushed. The working version has a Config M... Hammel
20:19 Revision fb5d1373 (imlightsw): RM #610: First working version with both Config Mode for WiFi and...

02 Jul 2018

19:49 Revision 28a4a5c5 (imlightsw): RM #610: Integrate initial config pin handling into Setup().
19:11 Revision af61f223 (imlightsw): General: Add Fritzing diagrams for both flashing breadboard setup ...
19:10 Revision 5b4c7fca (imlightsw): General: Disable pin setup until later testing (so the right pins ...
19:09 Revision 32c8ae8b (imlightsw): General: Update comment on use of SERIALDEV.
19:08 Revision 18632b95 (imlightsw): General: Cleaned up Markdown. Added information on suggested hard...

20 Jun 2018

20:13 Sensors Feature #610: Implement lightsw IoT device
There is a prime example, nearly identical to what I'm trying to do, on this website:

18 Jun 2018

18:23 Sensors Feature #610: Implement lightsw IoT device
First, getting back to working with the ESP-01 took a while. My layout on the breadboard was klunky so I reworked it... Hammel

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