Action Item #252

Updated by Hammel over 6 years ago

BLE is *Bluetooth Low Energy*, which is what the "TI SensorTag": uses.
BLE is part of "Bluetooth 4.0":
Bluetooth 4.0 "requires kernel 3.5": or later.
"BlueZ": BlueZ 4.101 is the default in Buildroot 2013.11 2013.02 (current PiBox version) but 5.14 is latest Bluez user space release.
PiBox is currently using kernel 3.2.27.

* Upgrade to latest kernel at (see RM #176)
* Bump Bluez-utils to 5.14 5.x in Buildroot.
* Get a "Bluetooth 4.0 dongle from Seeedstudio":
** "GMYLE(R) Ultra-Mini USB Micro Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Wireless Dongle": @ Amazon
** "IOGEAR Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter": @ Amazon
* Build app based "gatttool" in BlueZ/attrib and referencing
** "SensorTag User's Guide":
** "Raspberry Pi and TI CC2541 SensorTag":
** "Texas Instruments SensorTag Unboxing, Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy in Linux (with a Raspberry Pi)":