Action Item #535

Updated by Hammel about 3 years ago

I need to retest the webcam playback to make sure it's still working.

Then I need to test if an increased frame rate works on the RPI2. If so, and it doesn't work on RPI1, then I'll want to build the code with separate frame rates. This is done (I think) in piboxd:stream.c:spawnStream() with the call to mjpg-streamer. Currently I think this is set to 30FPS, which should be fine.

I should also check on the RPi fork that includes support for the RPi camera:
I'll need a Pi camera to test it.

There is also a little article on streaming over the web with mjpg-streamer that might provide a little extra help in getting good streams and what appears to be mjpg-streamer generated web interface. I might be able to integrate those pages into my own UI.

Additional help:
# Command line args that might improve performance: