Action Item #289

Updated by Hammel over 6 years ago

The kernel version of the 8192cu and r8712u, which are suggested to support the 8188cus, do not work with the low cost 8188CUS-based low profile and low cost dongles available from "Amazon": and "Adafruit": There is an updated open source driver from "RealTek": that supports up to kernel version 3.9 (with a "patched patched version for 3.10.x for Ubuntu": Ubuntu also available) that I could try to integrate into the PiBox build.

I need this driver because these dongles are the likely candidates for use with PiBox Media Server. Other RealTek dongles work, such as those based on the rtl8187 driver, but I haven't found those available in low profile form factors and at low costs (sub $12/unit in single unit pricing).

Note: Amazon's page says that is an Ralink RT5370, but it's not. It's a RealTek 8188cus.