Bug #829

Hi-res is not working

Added by Hammel 16 days ago. Updated 11 days ago.

Status:In ProgressStart date:26 Mar 2021
Priority:ImmediateDue date:
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Target version:PiBox - 2.0 - Harkonnen
Severity:03 - Medium


The following command works for low res:
mjpg_streamer -i "input_uvc.so -d /dev/video0 -r 256x144 -f 4" -o "output_http.so -p 9090"

The following command works for high res:
mjpg_streamer -i "input_uvc.so -d /dev/video0 -r 640x480 -f 33" -o "output_http.so -p 9090"

This is the current config for high res:
mjpg_streamer -i "input_uvc.so -d /dev/video0 -r 640x480 -f 10" -o "output_http.so -p 9090"

It should work. But it will fail if the old mjpeg_streamer is running. So the problem may be that the low-res is still running when we try to switch to the high-res.


#1 Updated by Hammel 15 days ago

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Need to add some programmatic upkeep here.
See https://gist.github.com/tugstugi/2627647

This will allow me to query the device and do some setup before creating the hi-res/low-res instance of mjpeg-streamer.

#2 Updated by Hammel 11 days ago

This may be a more general problem. I can't get the webcam to work at all with pisentry.

I need to retest a full media system build and check that the webcam is really working (on the web interface).
I need to add more debug - is the php message getting to piboxd? Is it the right message? Is piboxd not adding inbound to the queue? Is the message getting lost on the queue?

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