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Interesting Hardware Ideas

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Category:06 - Hardware
Target version:3.0 - Corrino
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This issue tracks interesting hardware to consider for use with PiBox and it's associated projects.

Keep this issue open and at the bottom of the highest priority list currently in progress.

  1. WaveShare displays for Raspberry Pi. Lots of interesting options here.
    1. Waveshare also have Hats and Cameras to consider.
  2. Pine64 Air Mouse is a keyboard shaped like a TV remote. It's way cheaper than the FAVI's I've been using though the arrow keys are Ctrl-<key> which may make it difficult to use.
  3. ZeroTerminal3 is like an old PDA that is a full computer. It's design might make it useful in Xeon.
  4. Precursor is like an old PDA that uses an FPGA to allow different uses. Might be useful to Xeon is ARM images are available for FPGA.
  5. ESP32-CAM, and associated DIY video


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