Bug #784

Unit tests do not run successfully

Added by Hammel 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

Status:RejectedStart date:27 Jul 2020
Priority:ImmediateDue date:
Assignee:Hammel% Done:


Target version:PiBox - 2.0 - Harkonnen
Severity:03 - Medium


Adding unit tests for RM #751 I found that if you run all tests the run will fail on

INFO: [FW] ============= Test Title: rpiInit
[FW] rpiInit (NULL file): PASS
[FW] rpiInit (bad file): PASS
ERROR: [FW] rpiInit (good file): FAIL Failed to open or read config.txt


#1 Updated by Hammel 3 months ago

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Rejecting: user error. I wasn't running the unit tests correctly. The actually work just fine.

I've added a README.md to remind me of how to run them. This is going in with RM #751.

Closing issue.

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