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Add Player only system

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Status:In ProgressStart date:28 Jun 2020
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Target version:2.0 - Harkonnen
Severity:01 - Critical


This would be a light-weight Media System that only does the playing on B/B+ systems, so it boots faster.

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RM #769: Switch to Buildroot's ffmpeg to get TLS support more easily, which allows use of https:// urls.


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There are several ways to do this.
  1. Implement an autokiosk-type mode in videofe/opkg/Makefile. This requires a new mode in metabuild too.
  2. Implement a kiosk-type mode in videofe/opkg/Makefile. This requires a new mode in metabuild too.
  3. A new mode in Metabuld only, that just integrates videofe and perhaps one or two other apps.

The autokiosk mode would boot fastest probably but not by much. The metabuild-only mode is easiest to implement and would probably look the best.

#3 Updated by Hammel about 1 month ago

The metabuild option is the one I'm going to implement. It will require some additional pieces.
  1. Ironman's www with just the imwww component to allow setting up a node's connection using a phone but without IoT setup.
    1. This is done and pushed. Use the HW=piplayer build option.
  2. A new app, pinet, is needed to manually enable and disable network configuration mode.
    1. This is currently in development - see src/ximba/pinet (not in cdtools yet)
    2. When launched this app starts the imwww app and spins, waiting on user exit.
    3. On exit the imwww app is stopped.
    4. An animated spinner should be displayed while the app is running.
  3. Launcher with just vfe, musicfe and pinet and no right side splash.
    1. This needs a mode option (./ -m player) to change the way the display is formatted in the code.
    2. Launcher will need new code to support this new mode.
  4. piboxd with IoT and Webcam disabled.
    1. This exists but needs a build option (./ -m player) to configure these options in package installation.

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comment deleted

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I messed up here - the last two updates to this issue were for RM #794. So I moved them there. I've updated the comments here accordingly.
The Player only system build is not related to RM #794.

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Current status

Initial implementation of a player metabuild is ready for testing. See meta 2 sandbox.

Pinet source has been started but is not ready for testing. Only the project structure has been created. No new code has been written for it yet.

Launcher changes have not been started.

Piboxd changes have not been started.

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