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Need Xeon config package

Added by Hammel about 1 month ago. Updated 10 days ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:23 Mar 2019
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Target version:v0.1
Severity:01 - Critical


This can be used to modify the base configuration to suit Xeon. The installation script applies the system changes. The changes need to be checked to make sure they are not already applied or that re-applying them doesn't create duplicate configs.

The things I know I need are as follows.

  1. Add CCW rotation to xorg.conf:
    Option "Rotate" "CCW"
  2. Disable SMB
    1. move init script
    2. Make it configurable in piboxd (defaults to on) and update /etc/piboxd.cfg
  3. Disable registration processor
    1. Make it configurable in piboxd (defaults to on) and update /etc/piboxd.cfg
  4. Disable webcam processing (disallow requests)
    1. Make it configurable in piboxd (defaults to on) and update /etc/piboxd.cfg

Associated revisions

Revision 8af25f1d
Added by Hammel 23 days ago

RM #706: Use -x option to disable smb/stream support in piboxd for Xeon.

Revision 2e8e20a1
Added by Hammel 16 days ago

RM #706: Add xeoncfg package to Xeon packaging.


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pibod can be modified with the following config file (/etc/piboxd.cfg):


That will disable both of the threads that handle smb probing (which happens often and chews up resources) and streaming (which we don't do much of but we don't need the extra thread) and IoT registration processing (which is a thread that runs all the time). So that should make piboxd a bit more lightweight for Xeon.

#3 Updated by Hammel 16 days ago

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Created xeoncfg repo to generate the package. This has a postinst script that updates both piboxd.cfg and xorg.conf. Package has been added to metabuild.

Still requires installation testing.

#4 Updated by Hammel 10 days ago

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A few minor problems with initial testing on hardware but those are now fixed. All changes tested, committed and pushed.

Closing issue.

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