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Wire up modem

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Target version:v0.1
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Need to connect the modem to the Pi Zero. Need to do this in a way that can be easily connected and disconnected for initial testing.


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I have prototyped the layout of the components and attached the images here. The layout requires
  • Cut one of two perfboards to fit - cut piece will hold power/display buttons
  • tape two pieces of perfboard together
  • add stand-offs to taped perfboard
  • tape power supply to perfboard
  • tape components in place (it's a prototype, after all)
  • Wire components
  • Attach HDMI board using stand-offs
  • Attach button holder with standoffs

That's really all there is to this. Once connected I can charge the batter through the SIM800L connector (phone must be powered on for this to work). Then I can begin testing pidialer to make a call. After that I can extend Xeon to support the buttons and RI w/buzzer.

A few additional parts were ordered, primarily female 2-wire JST connector with open ended wires. I also ordered some quick connect adapters that might make soldering easier. Order placed today and should be here within a week.

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This is now complete. I've completely built the hardware for a Xeon phone and powered it up with PiBox running the Xeon codebase.

So now it's ready to implement and test phone calls.

I'll post a pic of the phone hardware later before closing this issue.

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