Action Item #698

Add ShellCheck to validation of shell scripts

Added by Hammel 11 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

Status:In ProgressStart date:10 Mar 2019
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Category:00 - Basic Build Issues
Target version:1.1.0 - Upgrades
Severity:05 - Very Low


Just found ShellCheck (git) and it seems to find some interesting issues with mkinstall. Should probably run this against any scripts included in PiBox.

Associated revisions

Revision 88937036
Added by Hammel 10 months ago

RM #698: Added target for running shellcheck against shell scripts used in both build and runtime. Fixed problems in mksd and mkinstall found by shellcheck.

Revision 30fe4b2c
Added by Hammel 10 months ago

RM #698: Shellcheck updates. Removed duplicate


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Ran it on firstboot and cleaned it up.

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