Feature #681

Extend kiosk mode to support direct-to-videofe, aka autokiosk mode.

Added by Hammel 2 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:08 Nov 2018
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Severity:03 - Medium


This means configuring app manager to use a different launcher, namely videofe in kiosk mode. This will cause the boot to bring up videofe immediately instead of using the launcher for manual navigation.

This is in support using PiBox to auto-play videos on power-up with rear-projection on windows for the holidays.

It's also really easy:
  1. Modify the build of videofe to support adding an appmgr.cfg with "launcher=videofe -k".
  2. Modify the metabuild to include pkglist.autokiosk to build only the packages required.

Associated revisions

Revision 8823cc29
Added by Hammel 2 months ago

RM #681: Update videofe build to support -k2 for autokiosk mode (adding appmgr.cfg to launch video instead of launcher).

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